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tv   News 4 Midday  NBC  November 15, 2010 11:00am-12:00pm EST

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authorities are executing several search warrants at thi time. one is the ticktock liquor store in hyattsville. news 4's megan mcgrath is there and joins us live. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, barbara. fbi agentshave been here attic tok liquor in hyattsville, one
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of a number of locations where search warrants are being executed in connection with what the fbi describes only as an ongoing investigation. nine peopl including three prince george's county pice officers have been arrested. those officers are identified as sergeant richard del abrer 45, years old, corporal chong chin kim, 42 and sinisa simic, all taken into custody by the fbi along with six other people in this investigation. here at ticktock liquor, we can see agents inside, going through papers. they have not removed anything from the premises whil we have been here but they have been on-site for several hourshere. is six other people have ao been arrested, and the charges in this case are very, very serious. the charges iclude drug trafficking, firearms, and corruption. also $3.5 million in properties have been seized.
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13 vehicles have been seizeds well, also 84 bank accounts have been seized by the fbi and the irs. according to the u.s. attorney, the scene involves the -- or the crime, rather, the charges involve transport and distribution of unpacked cigarettesnd alcohol, also one of the police officers is facing drug andgun conspiracy charges, so very, very serious charges here. again, this began to unfold early this morning. both the fbi and the irs are involved all they will say is they are executina number of search warrants at a number of different locations, some of which are here in prince george's county. this has to do with the trafficking of cigarettes and some other charges, as well, gun charges and for some, drug charges, as well. so very serious situation for th folks who are facing these charge including three prince george's county police officers.
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in terms of how long this has been going on or connection to other cases they will not comment. all they will say at this point is this has been part of an ongoing investigation and that they are executing these warrants. we have no idea whether there are other arrests that are going to come from this or not. we're hoping to ge a little more information later on. but, again, nine people arrested in this operation including three prince george'county police officers. barbara, back to you. >> thank you, megan. we'll come back to you when you have more information to share with us. thank you very much. these latest raids and ares come just days after county executive jack johnson and his wife, leslie johnson. johnson is on his way back to work for the first time since those arrests. news 4's tracee wilkins was first on the scene when the couple was arrested on friday. she talked to johnson as he left s house this morning. good morning, tracee. >> reporter: good morning,
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barbara. he should already be at the county administration building. he only lives a few blocks from there. he made a comment this morning but his wife did not. mrs. johnson, do you have any comment this morning? an comment about your future, what you're going to do with your seat? leslie johnson, jack johnson's wife and newly elected county council member for prince george's sixth district left her home this morning without responding to reporters' questions. jack johnson stayed inside in his home for mostof the early morning, only slightly cracking the front door to let in a window repairman and also his press spokesman. this after the couple were arrested lt friday and are now facing federal charges. federal investigators allege that jack johnson accepted kickbacks and bres from developers in exchange, they say, he gave them favorable treatment to those developers who actually paid. this morning mr. johnson had this to say as he left for work. >> i can't comment on the case. you know that. just want to saythat, y know,
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i'm feeling well, doing really, really well. my family, we're all uplifted, we're strong. had a lot of -- oh, thousands of calls from citizens and all the church people called and said they were praying for us. and that has -- that's lifted our spirits, and we're strong and, you know, we got a long road to hoe and we look forward. >> reporter: how do you begin to start the next three weeks with this hanging over you? >> i'm going to the office now and rk. i've just been told that the spending affordility report is in, so we are outlining some spending plans for next year. >> reporter: sean baker will be the incoming prince george's county executive. he's expected to have a press conference this evening when he's going to address these charges against jack johnson. as you heard there, johnson says what he focused on is preparing for sean baker to come in and
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take his seat, but he plans on finishing his next three weeks in office. tracee wilkins, live in mitchellville. back to you in the studio. >> tnk you, tracee. we will continue this coverage of the case. we are expecting to hear from johnson's recently elected replacement, seanbaker, ter today. we also have the latest developments on and new today, the fbi is now offering a $20,000 reward foinformation leading to an arrest in the military installation shootings. agents say the same gun is connected to the five shootings at the pentagon, marine cor museum, and two military recruitingenters in our area. the fbi believes the shooter is familiar with northern virginia and he or she eitherives there or works there. anyone with information is asked to call the fbi. you need to do anything near fedex field today, you may want to go now.
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the redskins take on the philadelphia eagles tonight in a huge monday night matchup. it's the second time this year that donovan mcnabb will play his old team, and he's hopg another big win will get him some room to negotiate a new contract. espn reports this mcnabb's agent will be in town today to try to secure a new four-year deal for the starting quarterbk. but tonight the skins' offensive line islooking to protect mcnabb after allowing 17 sacks so farthis year. >> you know, been third and long situations, you know, and we can help with that by being there first and second down to take some of those har situations off our backs. so, you know, that's definitely an issue that we need to get better at. >> the skins and eagles kickff at 8:30 tonight. and metro will be open one hour late tonight to help get you home from the game. trains will run until 1:00 a.m. metro will also put more trains in service to handle the crowds that are expected. and we have more now on the
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arrest of three police officers in prince gege's county. >> darcy joins us from the home of richard delabrer. >> reporter: my apologies. i had to hang uparlier because the fbi was coming out of the house with numerous boxes, appeared to be paperwork inside these boxes. there were several agents aring the blue jackets with "fbi" on the back, carrying the boxes out into their vehicles. and basically they just drove off. i think there may be sill some in the house. there's one vehicle le out here. i had to hang up so i could take some pictures on my phone of the fbi agents bringing evidence out of sergeant richard delabrer's house here in laurel this morning. >> darcy, why don't youescribe for us what you saw earlier and what you know so far. >> reporter: yeah. i've been here for a little while. there were numerous vehicles here, unmard vehicles.
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there's also a prince george's county police cruiser outside with an officer in the vehicle. he appears to be just sort of hanging out here, so to speak. i'm seeing additional people come out of the house right now in plain clothes but th do appear to be law enforcement of some type carrying what appear to be a box as well. when i fst arrived here, there were a couple fbi agents just standing in the yard area, just kind of watchinghe neighborhood, and then like i said just a couple minutes ago there were probably four or five agent who is came out of the house carrying boxes of evidence, put them in the back of some vehicles, and they've since driven off. this is a quiet neighborhood here in laurel. it in a cul-de-sac, fairly sizable houses here, middle-class neighborhood. i spoke to one o the neighbors.
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she says she's kwn sergeant delabrer for many years. they both moved into this neighborhood at the same time. and she said she was shocked. she said she would never belve that he would be involved in anything, any sort of crime. so neighbors are starting to come outside and see some of the activity and start to ask questions about what's going on. >> then of course we will remind viewers that sergeant delabrer -- is that how you pronounce his name? >> reporter: it's delabrer. >> delabrer. is one of three officers that we know of that were arrested this morning. there are some warrants also being executed at this time. and what we have heard so far, the charges have to do with drug trafficking, transport and distribution of untaxed liquor and alcohol, and 84 bank accounts, we understand, were seized. there are some other charges, and we are waiting to see those in writing so that we can report more accurately on them. what we don't know, darcy, and i think that you are learning that, too, if these arrests have anything at all to do with the arrests of the county executive
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jack johnson and his wife last friday. so we are wting to find out if there's any connection there. >> reporter: barbara, what i would say is i don't think it's a coincidence. >> all right. >> reporter: you know, there's this investigation that's been going on for almost five years now, and when authorities have been listening to conversations and wiretaps, there going the to pick up on numerous things if there's illegal activity going on. so it may not be a direct involvement of real estate developers, but they did indicate on friday that this was the tip of the iceberg of their investigation, that it was ve widespread, so i just think that it may be an offshoot of that investigation and something that's come out as a resultof it. but that's to be determined >> all right. darcy spencer reporting live in prince george's county right now. we'll continue to follow this story, darcy. stay in touch with us and bring us what you learn asyou learn it. >> reporter: sure will. >> thank you very much. let's take a look outside right now. we do have some clouds out there today anfog, i guess, still
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lingering. tom has the weather for today. good morning. well, good morning. most of the fog is gone, and actually the cloud cover beginninto break up a little bit, especially in virginia. there's some sunshine late morning, but around our region, still mostly cloudy in washington and across much of maryland. temperatures right now are near degrees where the cloud cover remains. however, where the sunshine is broken out, culpepper is up to 61, charlottesville, 61, also got some sunshine in southern maryland right now there in the upper 50s. shenandoah valley, as well, has had some sunshine. they're into the mid-50s now. the mountains of western maryland and west virginia never did get below freezing there this morning but it's been in the 40s throughout most of the morning and on the eastern shore, temperature there are in the upper 50s. and over the last 12 hour, you can see we've had the cloud cover breaking up in viginia, but it's not going to last much longer because more clouds are coming in in advance of some rain that is now moving into southern tennessee and across georgia.
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that rain advancing to the north and east. so overall quite a bit of cloudiness but a little break in the cloud cover from time to time. they allow some sun to come through. temperatures climbing to around 60 or so with an east northeasterly light breeze. i'll have the forecast for the skin game tonight. we'll take a look at the rest of the week as well and the weekend. that will be coming up in just a couple minutes, barbara. >> thank you, tom. and we have a traffic alert r drivers in the district. right now federal and local officials are announcing a major construction project on the 17th street levee. crews will soon be replacing the old levee on 17th street that was built back in the 1930s. the new one will reduce the risk flooding around monuments and other buildings downtown. 's not clear when the construction will begin. our first look at our traffic for midday. jerry edwards is standing by. hi, jerry. >> good morning to you. goodmorning, everyone let's see how we're doing. a tough rush hour. we were shrouded in fog early this morning, obviously no
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longer an issue. nortrn virginia, the roadwork in place, 95 southbound, as you travel south from newington towards lorton today, as usual the right lane taken away so we'll have to watchthat. right now very lit until the way of delays. northbound actually looks pretty good from lorton headed up to the capital beltway all the way to the 14th street bridge. let's pop on over and see how things are looking at the american legion bridge, both the inner loop and outer loop between tyson's corner and the interchange of rockville pike seems to be doing pretty well. we'll keep you updated. back to you. jerry, thank you very much. fairfax county police are releasing a picture of a newborn baby found outside a church yesterday. someone left the hours-old little girl outside st. raymond's catholic church in springfield around 6:00 on sunday, just before early mass. the baby was wrapped in towel inside a gym bag and stil had her umbilical cord attached. doctors say she's healthy and was born full term. church members are glad e mother picked a safe place to
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leave the child. >> on the one hand we're grateful that this family thought of the church as a place that theaby could find care. on the other hand, we're saddened that someone found themselves in this moment of despair. >> police say they're worried the baby's mother may need medical attention sin she probably didn't see a doctor near the time of her delivery. our time right now is 11:15. coming up, we're going to continue to follow any developments in the arrest of three prince george's county police officers. and if those arrests are related to the case against county executive jack johnson. we'll also te a look at the new session of congress that begins this morning. will it be a lame-duckession or can a decision on tax cuts be made? pluswe cou be seeing former president clinton on the big screen soon. we'll it will you about his possible movie role. and former vernor sarah palin can be seen right now on e small screen. will her new show help or hurt her political career?
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right now orientation is under way for the newest members of congress, 90% of them are republicans. technically, they don't take office until january, so today congress will resume with what's called a lame-duck session. news 4's kimberly suiters joins us live from the newsroom with a long to-do list for traditionally unproductive times. good morning, kimberly. >> good morning, barbara. and the question is to do or not to do during a lame duck
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session. congress will work for a week. they will break for thanksgiving, then reconvene until the job is done or aban n abandoned. essentially, they have a little more than a month to find something everyone can agree on. freshman orientation, everything from wm to hire, where to put those suitcases, how to act. those rules of decorum bound to be challenged by this combination, a republican house, a docratic senate, a tea party president, and president obama. on "meet the press," the president's top adviser saying the people are preing for bipartisanship. >> now i think the country is saying to both republicans and democrats, forget about the politics for a while, sit down and work together to solve these problems andget this economy moving at a faster pace. >> reporter: can the two parties work fast on unfinished spending bills to avoid a shutdown? paying $250 to social security recipients, an extension of unemployment benefits, and allowing gays to serve openl in the military? that would b a huge to-do list
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for a lame-duck session of congress. >> if we actually focus on the real challenges cing our country, not get diverted into taking over car companies and health care, cut taxes, create jobs, our country can get back on the right path. >> reporter: bush-era across the board tax cuts with an expiration date of january 1 if congress tackles just one issue, that's the one. >> i think they should be extended until we're out of this recession, at such time then we could look at other tax hikes. but in a serious recession, i can not believe that raising taxes is is a good thing on anybody. >> reporter: but the president's adviser saying he will not bend on taxing the wealthy. >> i'm telling you what the president's position is. we need to move forward on the middle class tax cuts. we cannot afford a permanent extension of tax cuts for the wealthiest ericans, which would cost us $700 billion at we don't have over the next ten years. >> reporter: and the gop indicating they'll take some tax cuts over none.
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>> well, if that's all we can get out of the president, he is the president, so we'll work with him on that. >> reporter: at least until january, when 100 freshmen, mainly republicans, officially unpack their ba for the next two years. and in the next 30 minutes the group americans for prosperity holding an ent on capitol hill to push for the continuation of those tax cuts and to discourage passage of any new legislation during the lame-duck session. they put it this way, "stop the left from sneaking through their radical agenda." the word "bipartisanship" did not show anywhere in their announcement. baara, back to you. >> all right, kimberly. thank you very much. this afternoon, a local marine killed by an explosion in afghanistan will be buried at arlington cemetery. lance corporal terry "honeycutt" jr. was hit by a roadside bomb last month in the helmand province. the 19-year-old graduated from north point high school in 2009. funeral services at arlington cemetery for hundroneycutt will
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begin at 1:00 today and a candlelight vigil at 5:30 this evening at the ashford oaks neighborhood gazebo in waldorf. and let's turn our attention now to the weather. outside today a little bit of a change. we had such a gorgeous weekend. we've got some clouds out there. how long will they be with us? >> looks like mostly cloudy into tonight and tomorrow, and it looks like we'll be getting needed rain by tomorrow morning. right now there is quite a bit of cloudiness over washington. that's the live view from the skywatcher camera, seeing a few shafts of sunlight coming through that overcast. right now 51 at national airport. and the humidity is rather high. it's a rather damp and mostly cloudy day here, locally, but there's quite a bit of sunshine in virginia where temperatures in many locations south of prince william county are near 60 degrees. in the 50s shenandoah valley, they've got some sunshine there. meanwhile, out of the mountains it's in the 40s, eastern shore in the upper 50s, sunshine ound norfolk, 63, and you can
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see these clouds here that still linger in our sky. far northern virginia, the district, much of maryland, then some breaks in the clouds rther south and west, but another cloud mass is about to move in all associated with another storm system coming our way, which you cou easily see from the international space station if you were this astronaut looking down. this is the view from the internationaspace station from about 200 miles up. this is their nly installed module, the window bay there, and what a spectacular view they have from e space station. over the next 48 hours, we see this moving color, this is rain, and perhaps by midnight tonight a few sprinkles but after that, by dawn tomorrow, another surge of rain coming through and perhaps another one during the afternoon low pressure passes along a front just to our west and then moves north of us on wednesday. after it does go by we'll dry out. for the afternoon, we'll have temperatures reachinperhaps around the low 60s where the sunshine does break out, but
11:24 am
where it does remain cloudy, including much of maryland, it will likely stay in the 50s. then overnight tonight for the skins' game, kickoff is at 8:30, should be cloudy, temperatures then inhe low 50s with a light northeasterly wind. and then likely some rain, perhapjust after midnigh there's a small chance as well as around dawn. but a likelihood of passing showers during the day on tuesday into tuesday night, highs tomorrow in t mid-50s. then some sunshine back on wednesday with highs in the low to mid-60s and then mostly cloudy on thursday, a blustery wind o of the northwest with highs only this in the mid-50s, even chillier friday. should be bright and sunny, though, morning lows near freezing, afternoon highs inhe 40s to near 50, still chilly and dry as we get into the weekend saturday and sunday, sunny, highs maybe low to mid-50s both days, morning lows in the 30s to perhaps near 40 on sunday morning. so that's the way it looks. looks like good weather for the skins' game tonight. should be dry through the game but right at the end of the game there may be some sprinkles
11:25 am
coming up from the south and moving through. >> we hope the rain will hold back soll those folks can be in the stadium. let's head out to check on the roads again with jerry. a live look along pennsylvania avenue inbound as you come out from minnesota avenue trying to get up on towards the souza bridge. authorities dealing with an accident involving a delivery truck in the right lane right before the exit to go up toward the souza bridge on pennsylvania avenue. there is a bit of a delay. hopefully sooner than later theyl get it out of there as traffic is building quickly. downtown, 395, landmark to shirlington to the 14th street bridge, moving along icely. barb? >> thank you, jerry. our time now 11:25. still ahead on "news 4 midday," former d.c. school chancellor michelle rhee couldsoon be facing another decision about her future. plus we asked nate berkus for some decorating advice for the holiday. here's what's hot on
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former presidt president clinton was spotted on a movi set in bangkok over the weekend. he's placing himself in a comedy "hangover 2." there was tra security on the set as clinton shot his cam yes on sunday.
11:29 am
he's in thailand delivering a speech on clean energy. and coming up in the next half hour of "news 4 midday," 'll have the latest on the arrest of three prince george's county police officers and if those arrests are related to the case against county executive jack johnson. plus, the arch for a missing family inohio. today, new police leads after the 13-year-old daughter is found alive. and sarah palin's new tv show finally hits the airwaves, but is it just one big advertisement for the politician? tom kierein back with the latestn the workweek forecast.
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right now on "news 4 midday," the fbi is executing several warrants around the d.c. area. fbi and irs agents spent hours inside the tick tock liquor store in yattsville. this comes after the arrest of nine people, including three prince george's county police officers. federal charges against the group include corruption, drug trafficking, and firearms violations. today i today's arrests come on the heels of prince george's county executive jack johnson and his wife, leslie, on friday. johnson returns to work this morning for the first time since those arrests. the county executive elect is expected to address the charges against johnson later today. new developments in the investigation of an ohio family who went missi five days ago. right now police haveoped off a park near the home where 13-year-old sarah maynard was
11:33 am
found bound and gagged over the weend. an officer patrolling the area overnight may have found some items related to the crime. on sunday, police arrested matthew hoffman, who they found at the home with sarah. he's bn charged with kidnapping. investigators hope he can lead them to her mother, brother, and the family friend who are still missing. >> we don't know if he's connected to the family or ether he connected himself with the family. that remains to be seen. >> dna testing on the blood that was found in the family's house is expected to begin today. search crews were back out in oregon this weekend using sonar looking for missing kyron horman. the teams are scouring the bottom of a creek near portland looking for the missing 8-year-old boy. he's not been seen since june 4th. his mom thinks her ex-husband's wife is involved in the
11:34 am
disappearance. desiree young talked wh meredith viera on nbc's "today" show this morning. >> it's very clear from terri's horrible words that she had a severe hatred for kyron and that a lot -- she blamed the marital problems on kyron. the it was a huge point of contention in their marriage. and she had expressed in great detail her hatred for kyron. i now believe without a shadow of a doubt that not only is she capable of hurting kyron but it's clear that she could have hurt him in the worst possible way. >> do you still hold out hope that your son is alive? i will until the day i die. >> young says she tried to get
11:35 am
full custody of her son a year bere he disappeared. and there are new reports this morning that former d.c. schools chancellor michelle rhee is being eyed by state of florida. rhee announced she was stepping down back in october, not long after her boss, mayor adrian fenty, lost the democratic primary. no "the st. petersburg times" is reporting that florida goff lor electric scott is looking at rhee to possibly lead the state's new education commission. a soce close to rhee told the paper she's, quote, considering all options at this time. and we're going to check in again with tom kiere on our weather. we've got clouds and perhaps still some lingering fog out there today, but no rain until later tonight. right? >> looks like it will hold off until right after the redskins' game tonight. right now we have considerable cloudiness, but the fog is gone. we're getting a few breaks in the clouds. you can see a few shots of sunlight. at reagan national it's 51. still just near 50 in the nearby
11:36 am
suburbs. but the sunshine has broken out quite a bit of virginia and their temperatures there are around 60 degrees. over the last 12 hours we've had the sunshine breaking out there but the cloudslingering just to our north, and that will be the story roughout the rest of the day, perhaps a little bit of sunshine breaking out, highs in the low 60s and cloudy tonight, then after midnight and off and on during day on tuesday, some passing showers are likely during the day tuesday, just a smaller chance tonight of that beginning after midnight. but there is a small chance. the likelihood of passing showers tomorrow, drying out on wednesday and thursday, much coolery the end of the week. friday, turday, and sunday, sunny each day but chilly. that's the way it looks right now. barbara? >> thank you, tom. a man is recovering after he was sh while trying to break into an apartment he thought was his own. it happened early yesterday morning along muddy branch rd. police say the tenant awakened to someone trying to get into his apartment. the tenant, who doesn't want t
11:37 am
be identified, tells us he warned the guy. >> i gave a verbal warning not to enter the household. they kept trying to come in. i fired one shot to the bottom right corner of the window, hoping to scare him off, but i actually did, in fact, hit the person. >> the victim was take on the hospital and is okay, we understand. police say the victim thought he was beaking into his own apparently locked apartment. so far, no charges have been file prince george's county officers are on the hunt for two people who have been driving around shooting up windshields with bb gus. it happened nearly 100 times in the eastern part of the county since september. now police are calling it one of the largest cases of random vandalism ever in that county. the suspects are believed to be driving a black honda del sol convertible. anne with information is asked to call police. let's take a look now at traffic around our region.
11:38 am
jerry edwards is keeping an eye on things for us as usual. hi, jerry. good morning to you. od morning, everyone. progress is being made, albeit quite slowly, on the accident still tying up traffic on pennsylvania avenue inbound just before you get on up to the souza bridge. the accident involved a delivery truck and another vehicle. looks like they've got both travel lanes appear to be getting by now. wever, there is a pretty good sized backup, pennsylvania inbound just before you get to the souza bridge. one more stop, heading over south of town, both the inner loop and outer loop between alexandria and oxon hill, looking good. >> thank you, jerry. an ashburn family the thankful to have their dog back. we first told you last night the family thought someone may have stolen the dog, but the family says they accidentally left a patio door locked after leaving their home last thursday. when they returned, their yorkshire terrier named shadow was gone. they believed someone may have been watching the home and snuck in when no one was there. the family told us after our
11:39 am
reports, someone returned thr dog this morning but they didn say who it was. a fairfax county high school is isn't giving out failing grades anymore. acrding to "the washington post," west potomac high school will hand out "is" for incompletes instead of giving students "fs" on their report cards. students then get a chance to improve their grades. if you don't complete the work over certain amount of time, they'll be considered to have be failures. some critics say this gives students less motivation to succeed the first time around and the school's principal says it's a plan to he struggling students. well, sarah palin started a new venture that gives a public glimpse of her life at home. her new series is "sarah palin's alaska." producers call it a family adventure and it comes as her name is being floated around for the 2012 presidentl race. nbc's nora o'doell has the inside story.
11:40 am
>> reporter: in the first episode, she's the ultimate frontiers woman. >> it was amazing to watch. brown bear, really, protecting her cubs. >> reporter: fishing for salmon. >> so who's going to catch the first fish? >> reporter: even scaling dangerous glaciers. >> you've always wanted to be a rock climber, sarah. >> was it a rock climber or rock star? >> reporter: she's a tv star, too weather a studio inside her home. >> this is so much betterhan the shot against that wall. >> reporter: and her husband playing cameraman and confidant. >> business is about rolling th dice. >> reporter: living next door is joe mcginness, the investigative journalist. >> todd and his buddies got out there and built a 14-ot fence so others could look at and say this is what we need to do to secure our nation's border. >> reporter: he's writing a book on palin. >> it's none of his flipping business. >> reporter: they call it a
11:41 am
docutravellog, but palin's critics see politics involved. >> this iseffectively giving campaign advertising for someone who perhaps will have a presidential bid coming up. >> reporter: palin's political anding has taken a beating recently. a new gallup poll shows the number of americans viewing palin unfavorably hit a new high. more than half of americans, 52%, view her negatively, making her the most divisive of all of the potential candidates in the 2012 rublican field. but is a reality show the way to prove presidential readiness? karl rove said no in a recent interview. there are high standards that the american people have for e presidency, and they require a certain level of gravitas. palin's response -- >> those standards have to be high for someone who would ever want to runor president like -- wasn't ronald reagan an actor? >> reporter: and despite criticizing the media coverage of her children, palin invite the cameras inside her home. although bristol currently seen on abc's "dancing with the stars" is absent for the first
11:42 am
episode, palin's feisty sidekick, 9-year-old daughter, piper, takes center stage. >> mom is super busy. she addicted to the blackberry. >> rorter: and cameras catch a teenage boy trying to sneak upstairs with palin's 16-year-old daughter, willow. >> see thisgate? it'sot just for trigg. it's for no boys go upstairs. >> palinill begin a tour promoting her new bk, "america by heart." it includes 16 stops in 14 states including iowa and south carolina. two states considered y to the republican presidential nomination. jool 11:42 is the time. still ahead on "news 4 midday," we'll look at how investorsre reacting to good news on retail sales. plus, we asked nate berkus for a little decorating advice for the holidays. people are saying a lot of good things about fios.
11:43 am
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a special week ahead on the nate berkus show. the designer turned talk show host has help for people in small spaces and advice on how to make your house worth more. we'll talk to him in just a few minutes so stick around for that. meanwhile, the cost of a college education is skyrocketing, and so are the salaries of university presidents. 30 private college presidents recee more than $1 million in pay and benefits in 2008 according to a new study out this morning by the chronicle of
11:46 am
higher education. the highest paid president was from toro college in new york, making nearly $5 million in 2008. several local presidents are close to that million-dollar mark. steven knapp of george washington university made more than $985,000. georgetown's john dejoya made a little more than $900,000 in 2008. the president of johns hopkins, william brody, made about $850,000. cornelius kerwin of american university made more than $760,000. and howard universi's president made almost $385,000 in 2008. and now, as we were saying, this is a special we ahead for the nate berkus show. designer turned talk show host was helping people living in smaller spaces, giving them advice on how to make their houses worth more and giving them some high-end designs on a low budget. nate berkus is joining us this morning with a preview of this
11:47 am
busy week on his show. good morning, nate. >> good morning, barbara. >> well, let's see, i think it's been about a month. it was september 13th, so it's been more like two months since you premiered your show here on our station. >> i was thinking i should be getting a job as a university president. >> i know. did u hear those salaries? unbelievable. >> yeah. okay. >> tell us how things are going so far. >> things are great. thank you for asking. things are great. the nate show is in everyone's home every single day at 2:00 in d.c., and it just gets better every day. we a sneaking in into people's homes every mond, doing makeovers, top to bottom, while people are sleeping. we have nate's crates landing alacross the country, which has been phenomenal in time for holidays. lots of real design information that everyon can use. that's the most important thing. >> we were looking at a picture from one of those surprise makeovers. how do you do it? how do you get so much done overnight? >> well, barbara, you have to
11:48 am
watch the show to see because we actually -- i said - i told my producers, look, if we're going to do this, we're doing it the real way. no cheating. from 10:00 at night until 8:00 in the morng or whenever they wake up and that's it. so there's always a family member in on it, and th -- you know, they think that something's going on but they have no idea that they've got 20 people running through their neighborhood in the middle of the night carrng sofas and painting and changing finishes and hanging chandeliers. we're mang big changes in that time. so it's really a lot of fun. >> all night long they're sleeping, you guys must really know how to be quiet. >> that's the funny thing. there's squeaky floors, barking do, the smell of paint sometimes, but -- >> amazing. >> we haven't been caught yet. >> what's your favorite thing about the show? what's your very favorite thing? >> for me the show is an extension of what i've done on the oprah show for the last nine years. it'seally about giving people
11:49 am
the opportunity and the inrmation that they can live better and make choices and make decisions in their homes and with their lives that give them, you know, practical information thathey can really use. >> me one quick practical tip, nate, because we're running out of time, for the holidays. >> you got it. >> one quick tip. >> you got it. think of gifts that no one else is going to give that are totally elegant that are not a lot of money. for instance, go find a vintage silver-plated object at a salvation army or a yard sale, take it to the trophy store in your town and have someone's monogram put on it. a great present. >> that is a wondful idea. nate berkus, congratulations on your show. we'll continue to watch. >> thanks very much. reta sales post biggest gains in oober in seven months. we'll check in with cnbc's courtney reagan now with more on that and the rest of today's business headlines. good morning. hi. good morning to you, barbara. stocks are doing fairly well. looks like the dow is about 80 points, which is good news because wl street is come off
11:50 am
itworst week point and percentagewise in three months. investors hit by a swirl of concerns including debt issues in europe. talk that china may raise interest rates, a stronger dollar and gold topping $1,400 an ounce before it sold off on friday. that was this week. last week, hopefully we'll change the tide. asian markets were hier for the most part. europe also turned around and trading higher, too. retail sales rose 1.2% in october, the largest gain in seven months. that number boosted by sales in motor vehicles and building materials. caterplar buying bucyru that deal is worth $8.6 million, better than 30% premium for shareholders. and lowe's aenny above estimates, though sales did fall short of consensus. and congress returns to work today for the lame-duck session. lawmakers have several issues to hammer out before the end of year including funding for government agencies and extending the bush tax cults.
11:51 am
president obama hinted before he left on his asia trip he would be open to compromise with republicans on tax cuts, but the top white house aide says this weekend is president is opposed to making the tax cuts pernent for the wealthiest americans. it's not clear if he's for a temporary extension. and facebook is taking on google. the social networking site is expected to launch a real e-mail product later today to replace clunky messaging service. called titan, ill's called a gmail killer. users are seen as a potential treasure tro of information. just think of all those likes and dislikes, especially for advertisers. would be nice to have that insight. back to you, barbara. >> all right, courtney. thank you. see you tomorrow. >> see you then. studies on workplace stress s usually focused on male workers, but today there's a new federally funded study involving women in the workplace. erica edwards has the results of this new stress survey. >> rorter: the fast track can,
11:52 am
over time, take its toll. new research finds a high-stress, demanding job with little to know growth potential can raise the risk of heart problems including heart attack, stroke, even early death by 40%. similarinks have been shown previously in men. >> women occupy 50% of the u.s. workfor workforce, and there's very little perspective or long-term resrch looki at job strain and cardiovascular disease risk in women. >> reporter: one doctor followed primarily white female medical health professionals like doctors and nurses for a decade. just as you manage a staff, dr. albert says managing stress appropriately could help. first, figure out how to work some exercise into your schedule. the benefits of physical activity o the heart have long been proven. second, boost your social support system. >> whether it be through family or friends to, you kw, talk about what's going on at your
11:53 am
job. >> reporter: dr. albert also suggests her fellow doctors take note not onlyor their own health but also for patients. >> i don't typically ask my patients or haven't been trained to ask my patients about job stress or other stressors in my life. >> reporter: and it may be a longer, healthier life if some of those typical work demands can be left at the office. erica edwards, nbc news. >> this study apparently also showed work-related stress coupled with fear of being laid off was associated with high blood pressure and high alcohol -- cholesterol in women. meteorologist tom kierein will be back with another check of the forecast. "know the species, know the sin." lanolin-free coat, i know it's an alpaca. walks in here, looks says "hey look, it's a llama!" cleaning the stainike he would a llama stain. time he's wasting. ♪ call 1-800-steemer
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welcome back. let's look at some of the stories we'll be following this afternoon. pat lawson muse joins us in the newsroom with a preview. >> hi, barbara. this afternoon on news 4 at 4:00, a bride calls off the wedding at the last minute but doesn't let all that planning go to waste. we'll tell you about that ory. seems like everywhere you go these days people are talking about eating local. well, now this idea of eating fresh and healthy can be found in a ve unexpected place, the school cafeteria. we'll tell you exactly where. those stories are new tonight starting on news 4 at 4:00. barbara? >> all right, pat. thank you. we'll be looking forward to seeing you then. > time for a final check of the forecast with tom. >> we are getting a little sunshine now breaking out here in washington and throughout parts of maryland. but it's been actually quite sunny throughout much of
11:57 am
virginia overthe last several hours. as a result, temperatures there are milder but here under the generally cloudy cover here in washington it's still right in the low 50s as well as in prince george's and montgomery countys and fairfax and arlington counties, low to mid-50s there. where the sunshine has been most persistent, culpepper county, they're in the low 60s already. central shenanah valley and thnorthern shenandoah valley have quite a bit of sunshine today as well. southeastern virginia has been sunny, too. over the lt 12 hours, though, we're seeing this cloud cover thickening right back up again, and ahead of some rain it's beginning to move into the tennessee valley, willikely be arriving here i think after the skins' game tonight, thankfully. it's going to be a close call, though, depending on how long the game goes. most of the game should be cloudy in the50s, and then tomorrow a wet day, occasional showers likely, into the mid-50s and some sunshine back on wednesday, highs ito the low 60s and on thursday mostly
11:58 am
cloudy, blustery and cool, and then even cooler. in fact, down right chilly on friday with bright sunshine, highs only near 50, sunny and chilly for the weekend. that's the way it looks. have a great day. see you tomorrow morning. we expect sad eagles fans to be returning to philadelphia with their windshield wipers going. >> we can only hope. >> thank you, tom. that's "news 4 midday." thanks for joining us today. tune in for news at 4:00, 5:00, 6:00, and tonight at 11:00. i'll be back right here with tom and jerry tomorrow morning at 11:00 for "news 4 midday." hope you'll join us for that. have a terrific day. see you tomorrow. ♪
11:59 am
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